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Privacy Policy

The given policy describes the types of information we gather and the principles of its use and provision.

MEDLEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as Local Authorities) undertakes to keep your privacy on the Internet. This Privacy Policy describes how your personal data is gathered, processed and stored.

What information do we gather?

Local Authorities may gather the following information about Users on the Site:

1. Information provided by the User at his/her sole discretion, including user's personal data.
Such data can be provided when using the follow-up form, for example, Name (nickname), E-mail address, Telephone number.

2. Data transmitted in automatic mode.
It is about IP, cookie, parameters and settings of Internet browsers, user's location, his actions, etc. Unlike personal data, such information is depersonalized, and therefore does not refer to personal data.

How do we use such information?

We use all available information to provide and support our Site. Here are some examples:

— to provide information and services requested by the User

— to respond to user's requests

— for statistics generation

Information disclosure

Local Authorities does not transfer User's personal data to third parties.

We can transfer information on the User to third parties only if it’s required: for observation of law, regulatory legal act, judgment execution; for fraud detection or impeding; for elimination of the site technical malfunction; for delivery of data based on the request of authorized government bodies.

We do not use user's personal information for e-newsletter and unique offers, sale transaction processing and provision of services.

Data security

Local Authorities takes all measures to protect Users' data from unauthorized access:

— updates services and management systems of the site and its content regularly;

— encrypts resource archive copies;

— inspects for malicious codes regularly;

— uses virtual private server to host the site


Each User has the right to edit the information provided.

Also, consent for personal data processing may be withdrawn by the User at any time. To edit or withdraw the provided information please contact us on the Internet or by e-mail: 350010, Krasnodar Zipovskaya St. 5, building 33


By using our Site, you agree to the conditions of this Privacy Policy and give consent to personal data processing.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy is carried out by ticking the box "I give my consent with the processing of my personal data" when filling out and submitting the follow-up form on our Site, and is your consent to personal data processing.

How to ask a question

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, you can contact us using one of the following ways:

Contact MEDLEX LLC on the Internet or by mail:
350010, Krasnodar Zipovskaya St. 5, building 33,

How will we inform you of changes to this policy?

We will inform you of the changes to this Policy and give you the opportunity to review and comment on the revised policy before continuing to use our Site.

Last edited: 11.06.2017.