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We care about people

We produce disinfectants and detergents means, we supply chemical reagents, laboratory glass and equipment, we equip medical institutions and provide service. Now we have 150 people in our team (the average age is up to 35 years), and we have a history since 1989 behind us.

We do not stop
on our laurels
Immerse yourself in our history
A group of specialists in the maintenance of medical equipment on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital creates a cooperative (the first non-state enterprise of this area of expertise in Krasnodar region). The cooperative produces orthopedic tools and repairs and installs equipment in health care centers.
We extend the product strategy and transform the cooperative into LLC. We develop (we build our own warehouse and office premises) and we expand assortment (since 1996 we sell and produce chemical reagents).
We continue to grow and develop, therefore we restructure the business - we create a group of companies under the trademark "MEDLEX".
Under the guidance of the company "Schülke & Mayr" we start our own production - "MEDLEKSPROM. The initial capacity is 210 tons of products per month.
The same year we open a branch in Sochi, where our customers can buy our products directly from us.
We form a dealer network for the sale of disinfectants and detergents. Now our products can be bought not only from us but also from the dealers.
We equip "turnkey" the Regional Perinatal Center of Krasnodar. On the area of 28500 m², we install 2500 units of medical and 8000 units of hospital-wide equipment.

The quality management system "MEDLEXPROM" in accordance with ISO 9001 in the field of development and manufacture of disinfectants and detergents was implemented and certified by the certification body TÜV Thüringen.
We equip "turnkey" the surgical building of the Regional Hospital No. 4 in Sochi by the Olympic Games. On the area of 8000 m², we install and activate 3500 units of medical and hospital-wide equipment.

We install and equip "turnkey" the modular Blood Transfusion Station No. 7 in Sochi. On the area of 2200 m², we place equipment for the banking of blood and its components (up to 5000 liters per year). The module consists of 56 blocks of high readiness, delivered by water transport from Germany to Sochi.
We open a branch in Crimea.

The same year, MEDLEXPROM joins the NOD, the National Organization of Disinfectionists.
We launch the second extension of "MEDLEXPROM". On an area of 1500 m² - sections of water treatment, cooking, and packaging. The plots are designed to produce 400 tons of products per month (with the possibility of increasing volumes up to 700 tons).
The goods of our own make are sold retail.

We expand and open the maintenance service department.

MEDLEXPROM joins NAPIC NP (National Association for Professionals in Infection Control) and the Council of Russian producers of means and the equipment for disinfection, disinsection, and deratization.
We launched a new warehouse complex at 3500 m³.

We continue to grow and develop

We know our business


We improve not only production technologies, but also internal processes. Therefore, our managers are constantly developing - they take dealer courses, attend forums, conferences, and exhibitions (read about events in the blog).

Our managers

  • will help you to choose products. They will explain everything: business peculiarities, what you need and help you to save money.
  • They will provide all printed materials, certificates, instructions - a full set of documents for any product.
  • If you want to test something, you will get samples of our own make products and consumable items.
  • They will come, consult, teach you the ins and outs of concentrates dilution, carry out the test cleaning or even master classes.

We take care of people. We strive to ensure their safety in the field of sanitation and hygiene. In all spheres of their activity. All over the world.

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Own production

In 2003 we started our own production of disinfectants and detergents. In 2015, the second stage of the production building was opened on an area of 1500 m². Areas of water treatment, cooking, and packaging. Capacity is 400 tons per month (with an increase up to 700 tons). And above all is the constant quality of Medlex products. See for yourself.

We use only modern technological and laboratory equipment. We develop products with leading research institutes of the countries-participants of the EAEU. We have representative offices throughout Russia and the CIS. We always maintain a high level of service. That is what makes us one of the leading Russian manufacturers in this sector.


Certificates and testimonies

We annually undergo audits and check the validity quality management system certificate. We are also members of the National Organization of Disinfectionists (NOD) and the National Association for Professionals in Infection Control Related to Medical Assistance (NAPIC).


Why choose us

We purchase goods in large batches and get discounts from manufacturers, so we sell them at wholesale prices

How we work

To make it convenient for you to order and pick up the goods, we offer several ways how to do it - choose any.


Pickup or delivery:

  • Take the goods in the main office in Krasnodar or branches in Sochi and Crimea.
  • We will deliver goods for Krasnodar Krai, Adygea and Crimea free of charge (check with the manager for details).
  • We will deliver the goods using services of the most conveniet for you transportation company.
Prepackaging area.
Quality control of raw materials and finished products is carried out in our own certified quality control laboratory, which includes, among others, the separation of gas chromatography.
Cooking area, 1st floor.
Cooking area, 1st floor.
The constant increase of production volumes and expansion of the assortment of manufactured products led to the need for the construction of the second extension of the production building, commissioning of which took place in 2015.
Cooking area, 2nd floor
The second extension of the production complex "MEDLEXPROM" with a total area of 1500 m2 includes water treatment, cooking and packaging areas, designed to produce 400 tons of products per month (with the possibility of further increasing production up to 700 tons).
The company MEDLEXPROM owns a certified high-yield well of the Apsheron horizon.
Foreign specialists from the German company Schülke & Mayr were invited to design production. The initial design capacities of our company allowed to produce up to 210 tons of products per month.
Automatic packaging site.
Cooking area, 2nd floor
Laboratory complex.
Prepackaging area
Water is the most important component of the produced products, affecting its quality. It undergoes multistage treatment, including powerful ion-exchange and reverse-osmosis systems.
Water treatment area.
Warehouse complex.
To provide consistently high-quality products, we purchase raw materials from the best European manufacturers, and most of the polymer packaging is produced by ourselves.
Laboratory complex.
The structure of MEDLEXPROM includes an experimental laboratory where our highly qualified specialists, in cooperation with leading research institutes of the countries participating in the Customs Union, create disinfectants and detergents.
Warehouse complex.
The 2nd extension of the production building. Warehouse complex occupies 3500 m3.
Finished products warehouse.
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